Our Sensory Story

Journey to Family

Meet our Family:  Dad, Mom and two beautiful girls.

Just years prior, we had hoped, dreamed even prayed to God to be a family.  With two miscarriages prior, we had our doubts if it would happen at all.  We’d had miscarriages back-to-back, with no break in between.  One of them was particularly serious – I’d had an ectopic pregnancy.  This meant that the fertilized egg was growing outside of my womb and had attached itself in my Fallopian Tube.  Without intervention, this is fatal to growing baby and Mama.  After my second miscarriage, we were devastated.  We felt like the bottom had fallen out and I was unsure if we would ever be parents.

Well, you know what they say…third time’s a charm!  We were pregnant!  This time, baby’s heartbeat was good, growing where she should be and all system’s go!  We were over the moon thrilled!

My pregnancy was still high-risk and they watched us more than most pregnancies.  13 Ultrasounds, Echo-cardiogram, blood tests regularly….let’s just say – if there WAS a test, I was having it done.  My OB-GYN was great at his job!

Then the big day!  I was being induced.  Baby was BIG.  They were estimating somewhere around 11 lbs.  And I was freaking out.  It hadn’t exactly been a relaxing pregnancy.  I was in a continual state of worry – test after test.  I was wound up tighter than a top – that’s the truth.  My husband had made run after run to the Dairy Queen to feed my banana split cravings and he’d done everything he could to calm my nerves.  He was a rock star soon-to-be Daddy.

After 2 failed induction attempts, the doctors said it was time to get baby out.  A C-section was looming for me and my sweet baby girl.  This was our beginning.  My firstborn daughter, born Fall 2007.  The best day of my life, still and always.  We’d had a long road to just becoming a family so this is where our story begins….


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