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Support for understanding Autism: Ontario Teen

My heart goes out to the family of an autistic teen in Ontario today.  Catching media attention through hate-mail directed at their son really took my breath away.  Words penned like “nuisance”, “wild animal” and “euthanize”.  I can’t imagine the hurt, the rage and frustration of these parents.

Ignorance is the worst form of intolerance & complacency that our society permits.  Hate-mail is just an extension of this.  Totally disgusting.  Unacceptable.

I have personally experienced the whispers, the wondering eyes, the comments from passersby when your child is struggling to cope and when they are not behaving in a manor that people feel is appropriate or acceptable.

I’m adding my voice to the hundreds that have come alongside this family.  Sending you our love and support today.

Shame on the person who penned such an intolerant letter.  You are the one who has the problem, not this family who has loved their son from the beginning.  You took the easy way out – ignorance.


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