10 Ways to Save Money on a Single Income

Families with special needs kids, in this case, SPD families, have a lot in common. Lots of times, we see reduced income or single income families trying to provide extra support to their kids needs. That said, there’s lots we can do from home to help on a single income. Here are 10 ways to save money now!

1. Wash out your Ziploc bags and re-use. Only throw out the ones with raw meat in them or something that went bad.

2. Save your jars. Any kind of jars – wash them again and use them for canning

3. Make “fancy” coffee from home. Yes, this means giving up your Starbucks. But you’d be surprised how many of those kinds of coffees you can make from home with a little creativity. Try a mocha: Coffee, milk/cream, chocolate syrop. Add Whip cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrop on top to spoil yourself. Save the $5!

4. Cut down on products that require you to re-buy their product. I ditched my Swiffer. How about you?? Anything that requires you to purchase again and again is a good place to start. Find a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly version. Chances are, it will affect your budget

5. Use hand-me-downs for the kids

6. Buy in-season fruits and veggies for your area. Only buy what’s on sale. Lots of times, theses are not the popular choices – be prepared

7. Make your own soap – laundry soap, bar soap, hand soap. Take an online tutorial and save the difference

8. Do at home haircuts – Daddy’s usually have to get their haircut pretty often. Learn how to give a quick cut from home

9. Stock up on sales & front page items. These are called “lost leaders”: really low prices on front page items only. Write a list and stick to it

10. Consume less and stick to your portion sizes

…more ideas in future posts. There are lots and lots of things you can do to save money on a budget.


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