Our Sensory Story

When it’s not just SPD…

When the diagnosis came for Sensory Processing Disorder, we were told that this might not be all. This is not the end game destination. This was the starting place. We knew this. I keep reminding myself…we knew this.

When a diagnosis happens, all the professionals will start weighing in on other possibilities. It was described to me like a web effect. In the middle of your web is the primary diagnosis, and then as she develops, there may be all these other branching off issues that can occur as well. These are things that go in conjunction with the primary diagnosis, but could be other issues to deal with in future.

For example, in kids with SPD, it’s very common to see other things pop up like Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, PDD, Sleep Disturbance, or Irlen Sydrome.

Today, we were tested for Irlen Sydrome. The results were absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt, severe Irlen Sydrome. Irlen Syndrome affects visual processing – the connectors from the brain to the eyes and how it responds to light and color wave-length stimuli. It measures depth awareness, space awareness, reading ability, writing ability and comprehension.

A simple Optometrist exam will never find this. Optometrists measure the physical status of the eye. Physically, my baby’s eyes are perfect…for the most part.

An Irlen test measures how the brain is processing visual information, how it sees visual information through light spectrum and color spectrum. It measures her span awareness, and then ability to organize all of it. It impacts her ability to read, to write, to comprehend and to stay with her peers.

My heart breaks a little more today for my Sensational-Miss. It’s going to be an uphill battle to read and to write. We’ve already trudged far and hard. She’s tired. And with this new diagnosis, I know we may have to go back and repeat Grade 1 in order to learn what we couldn’t this far.

I’m thankful for yet another diagnosis – today makes 3 – because I know that this is treatable. There all kinds of visual aids and likely color filtered lenses for glasses. But I’m sad too. I’m a parent to a child who is struggling. And it just plain hurts today. I know I have to be strong and keep being strong and encouraging. Positive always. Love never fails and neither will I. I will not fail my child. But today…this is hard.

SPD was the starting place…we knew this. I just keep telling myself…we knew this.

But God…He can do what I cannot even pretend to have the strength to do. I’m a homeschooling Mom to a special needs child. And I remember…”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. If it weren’t for my faith in Jesus, the situation might be hopeless to me. But God. Today, even in the midst of another storm, I will chose thankfulness. I’m thankful I’m a Mom to a pretty terrific, extraordinary, and yes…Sensational-Miss! I’m blessed beyond measure!


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