SPD Siblings

Finding Balance, Having Fun

I’m so thankful for Spring. This time of year is so refreshing to me. I get out in my garden and I love to pick up all the books I haven’t had time for during the homeschool year. It’s a time for switching things up a bit, finding balance amidst the activities, appointments and school. I find that every year at this time, I make a mental switch to set aside the heavy work and gear down for summer break.

It’s so important to show your kids too, that there is a time for everything. Sometimes that means intentionally making time for fun. We are no different in our family. We get caught up in the stuff of life and the busyness of it all.

A great piece of advice that my own Mom taught me was that every year, she would wind down all new doctor’s appointments, treatments, therapies and extra commitments and/or responsibilities for Summer break. She would do this very intentionally. In my own birth family, my brother has special needs and so it was very important for everyone’s mental health to just make time for fun.

We would go camping, have friends come over, swim and play like most kids do. It was a carefree time in my childhood that I will always cherish. I’m thankful that, for my brother, it was also a time for him to forget for just a little while and just feel like a typical kid who wanted to play.

So by the same tradition, my own family has adopted this methodology. We are making time for fun in our home. Pizza party at our house tonight with about 10 little girls coming over to have a great time, watch a movie and make pizza. No agenda, except having fun. The Summer is sure to have more of these kinds of memory-making activities. Just like I’ve cherished these times from my childhood, I have no doubt in my mind, that my daughters are sure to cherish them also. Particularly, for SPD siblings, these times are so important. Carve them out, be intentional and create some new memories. But most importantly, have fun with your kids!


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