Making time

A very dear friend of mine took me out for dinner last night. We had such a great time talking and catching up. But she knows me all too we’ll. she’s the type of truly great friend that is in your life for a reason. She’ll push past the smiling face and get to the heart of the matter really quick. I so appreciate her. Before long, I was spilling my life out between sobs, wondering how on earth I’d managed to stuff so much down inside.

She listened to every word, then calmly urged me to let the little things go. Release them. Make time for me. Take it whether it’s offered or not.

I’ve has a chance to process all this and I’m realizing just how important this is when you care for a child with high needs. The demands are always there. Being a homeschooling Mom too-well, let’s just say, the breaks are few.

Such an important reminder to stay well, stay whole so that you can continue to do the incredibly hard job of care-giving the next day too.


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