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To plan or to surprise?

Amongst parents of SPD kids, there seems to be a general consensus surrounding the issue of planning for an event with your child.

Always, always prepare and make a plan. The element of surprise is usually an unwelcome one for kids with SPD.

Include your kids in the plan. First we will, then we, last…

Do use timers or a countdown for planning both, to go to, and to leave a situation or event. Believe me, without this transition time, you will absolutely be dealing with meltdowns. This is crucial for kids with SPD-they need the fore-warning that an activity is about to change. No matter how exciting you feel the activity is-they will hate it without a heads-up.

Some parents have said that they have a worrier who tends to get overly-anxious with too much information. This is also true of SPD kids. And so then it becomes a fine-tuned balancing act. Don’t prepare too early, don’t surprise too late.

Another great way to curb worry in your child is to get them involved. I usually give my Sensational-Miss a job. Takes her focus off the information and event and zeroes in on task at hand. I can do this over and over until we need to leave.

When you do leave, pack your Sensory Tool Kit! See my other blog post on this important step.


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