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Benefits of Homeschooling a Sensory Kiddo

I get the question a lot, why do you homeschool?

I could get into the politics of that, but really, there are many great reasons to homeschool kids with SPD.

1. Method.
At home, we teach in the way that they learn. Not the other way around like often seen in the school system. I do not ask my kids to learn in a sit-down and write it out method. We use a muti-sensory, kinesthetic approach that involves all of our 8 senses and moving our body.

2. Regulation
Sensory kiddos generally fall into one of two categories: seekers or avoiders. This means they’ll either seek out more sensory stimulation or avoid it like fight, flight or freeze. And sometimes, they’ll be both or switch it up on you too! When you eliminate some of the extra distractions from a traditional school-based setting, it’s been our experience that our kids are more successful learning from home.

Another benefit specific to Regulation is that we optimize their level of stimulation each and every day, allowing them to be at their very best, which increases their ability to be successful at learning.

We do this by taking Sensory Breaks, exercise and a multi-sensory learning approach. We also modify things from day to day, depending on what they’re dealing with. I can accommodate this quite easily from working one-on-one, which is fantastic for Sensory Kids!

3. Flexibility
Sensory Kids can have some brilliant days and also, some really bad days coping. Homeschool allows for these swings by giving us the ability to chose the speed that we move. We can sometimes do three lessons in two days or also play catch-up later after a bad week with setbacks.

We are also not restricted by what time of day we chose to work. Since my kids often wake at 4:30 am, we can be hard at it and done school by 7:30am. The same is true for doing school later in the evening of that’s better.

4. Life Skills
Sensory kids need additional help in learning basic skills that might come easily for other children: hygiene, deductive reasoning, organization, social awareness, regulation and self-control etc. There are many other skills that are crucial to independence as an adult as well: money management, cooking, cleaning, job opportunities, community. We make time in our Homeschool program to focus on these skills as well.

More on this in up-coming posts….



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