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Coping Without Sleep

In the past week, we have had very little sleep again. Mornings have begun at 4am on a regular basis. Today, we started at 2:30am. It’s been rough.

Sleep insomnia is a common problem for sensational kids. And they tend to need more sleep than your average child too. In our home, we plan for 12 hours of sleep for our kiddos. Anything less, and we pay the price.

Couple of important things to note about sleep issues and sensory kiddos:

1. They truly can’t help it. They’re not doing it on purpose. They are not misbehaving. This is not a disciplinary moment. Once you get that, you realize you still have to get sleep, but not get mad about it.

2. Find another time to get in some sleep. Drop an activity later in the day. Pull the blinds, don’t answer the door, turn the cell phone off, don’t respond to social media or texts. Get your sleep at all costs.

Life will quickly feel like it’s closing in on you if this isn’t a priority to play catch-up. Spouses will fight, emotional breakdowns all the way around. It’s got to be a priority.

Another point on sleep:

If it’s happening consistently that your child is up in the night, re-evaluate your melatonin dosage, visit the Pediatrician for any changes, minimize stimulation (this time of year is really bad for over-stimulation) and just get smaller and more routine-based amidst the chaos.

We don’t allow relatives to guilt us into anything at this time of year and our participation is also very minimal. You may need to do the same during heightened periods of excitement such as the Holidays.


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