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“The Beige Diet”, Sensory Focus Magazine

Our second daughter, our youngest, has always been a really picky eater. So much so that “picky” isn’t even the right term. It’s more accurate to say “intolerant” of many, many foods. Every meal was a meltdown and screaming. Extended family meals were just down-right embarrassing.

When she was 2, she had a very limited diet, despite all our attempts to get her trying something new. She had 1 fruit and 1 veggie that she would eat.

I would stock up on her go-to’s of soft white buns, vanilla yogurt, chocolate milk prepared fresh because pre-made was “wrong”. Mac n’ cheese, of course, plain chicken, plain noodles, and her only healthy choices: raspberries and baby carrots. I would leave every time feeling so guilty that I was letting her, no-“indulging her”-wasn’t that the word they used?

“The Beige Diet” is a fantastic article written by Sensory Focus Magazine. It explained that sensory kiddos actually shy away from big flavors, certain colors, complicated textures and foods “touching”. They tend towards beige-colored foods. It suddenly dawned on me….yes, this was right! Casseroles? Good luck!! Spinach? Leafy greens? Not a chance!

I felt vindicated. I wasn’t a bad Mom. It was going to continue to take a lot of hard work to get my Picky-Missy trying new foods, and I was ok with that. I picked my battles. This was not one of them.

Then one day while pushing her in the cart at Costco, she suddenly pointed wildly at Strawberries! I was elated!!!!! She opened the 2 lb carton with her chubby fingers and ate every one of them…all 2 lbs before we’d even left the store.

As I passed the empty carton to the cashier to pay for it, I got the usual stink-eye. But I didn’t care. My baby tried strawberries!



One thought on ““The Beige Diet”, Sensory Focus Magazine

  1. I totally get it! My youngest is 3 and the only fruit/veggie he will eat is applesauce (well, it’s sort of a fruit). The struggle is real! I think you’re awesome by the way. Glad I stumbled across your blog. 🙂

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