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Homeschool and Irlen Syndrome

It’s 7am. My Sensational-Miss has already been up for hours, as per usual. This morning, she is happily completing her most difficult subject: math. In near darkness, she sees everything perfectly clearly and is content.

Since her SPD diagnosis, we also had an additional diagnosis called Irlen Syndrome. Irlen syndrome can be common in kids with SPD and it affects the visual processing centers of the brain. It makes reading, writing and perception of light very difficult. She has to work very hard to focus and concentrate.

The following YouTube video explains the visual distortions most commonly associated with Irlen.

You can imagine how difficult coping would be in a typical school classroom under fluorescent lighting, in addition to reading difficulty and writing difficulty.

Homeschool has been such an answer for our family. For her most difficult tasks where she must use all of her concentration, we get these subjects done first thing in the morning when there is little to no light outside. She often uses a single lamp that hardly puts out any light at all to complete her assignments. She likes quiet and uses sensory tools to help her focus. In our case, we have chewy ends for her pencils and fidgets. The curriculum we have chosen is a feast for the senses: Math-u-See. She loves it!

Most importantly, we are able to adapt the environment so that she can be successful in whatever she needs to accomplish.

Homeschool could be the answer for your sensory kiddo too.


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