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Irlen Filter for the Computer

Lights of all kinds, including screens, can be troublesome for kids who have Irlen Syndrome.  Similarly, kids with SPD, have the potential to have undiagnosed visual processing issues, which could also be attributed to Irlen Syndrome.

This morning, I’m sharing a link that changes the background color of your computer screen. It works much like the color overlays provided through your Irlen Diagnostician.  It’s important to see a professional if you think your sensory kiddo has visual processing issues, however this program is a real life-saver for our kids.  Since we do a lot of work on the computer and homeschool, I’m thankful there are great programs to help.  Also, this is a free add-on for anyone who needs it.

Stay tuned…they are currently working on an app.  Yes, soon enough…there WILL be an app for that!


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