Picky Eaters

It just makes sense…kids who have very real food aversions need to be involved in the cooking process. Let them taste, touch, feel and smell what’s going on with their food. Let them see and be involved with cooking, planning, preparing. Sensory kiddos can be the best helpers.

Make your own pizza night at our place! It’s all smiles for making their own creation.

Yes, that’s face paint😉. We had a fun day!


3 thoughts on “Picky Eaters

  1. Yes, mealtime = bath time around here too, when they wear more than they eat. 🙂 But my oldest has OCD issues and wouldn’t dare eat anything my youngest has touched, so we have to let the little one prepare his own little serving of food separately from everyone else’s. We haven’t tried mini pizzas yet but that is a fun idea!

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