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2 for 1 Smoothie & Popsicles

My youngest won’t eat a lot of fruit. She likes crunchy, white kinds with no peel. Not always the healthiest choices. Seeds are always problematic, as well as juicy and sticky fruit juices. She won’t touch anything sticky.

One morning, I decided to blend up all the leftover fruit with some vanilla yogurt and milk and try to give her a smoothie. Epic fail!!! The texture melted away to this pasty sauce and she would never get near it again.

In an effort not to waste leftovers, I made Popsicles with the leftover smoothie. She loved them!!!! Even with seeds, the texture was all one crunchy mass and she was ok with it. We’ve never looked back since.

As years have gone by, I’ve gotten smarter too. I’ve added vitamin powders, chia seeds, flax, vegetables, and even oats or bran on occasion, if I think I can get away with it! Popsicles are a great vehicle for getting in vitamins and nutrition.

When the kids were sick, we’d make simple fruit juices from scratch and freeze those to make sure dehydration didn’t take over or for sore throats. This is a great place to add a couple drops of your food-grade essential oils too.

My oldest hates breakfast so she’ll have a smoothie in place of just about anything else. I’m great with that!

Smoothies are also a cost-effective way to get the fruits and veggies in. I always buy frozen fruit on sale. Frozen fruit is picked at its peak, in season, then frozen. In my humble opinion, a better option than fresh for our purposes here.

Here’s our Breakfast smoothie this morning. And, of course…Popsicles for later and for my Picky-Missy! So, so yummy!!!

Strawberry Saskatoon Berry Smoothie:
(To make a 2L pitcher)

2 cups vanilla yogurt (I’m using Activia)
1 large frozen banana
1-1/2 cups frozen strawberries
1-1/2 cups frozen Saskatoon berries
Splash of milk to get it going until blended

Freeze the leftovers into Popsicles for snack!šŸ˜‹




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