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Tactile Defensiveness: Laundry Tips

From the time my Sensational-Miss was a toddler, she was extremely tactile defensive.  I didn’t have a word for it then.  A sensory child who is tactile defensive can avoid certain textures of clothing, seams, zippers, buttons and the like.  The way that clothing “feels” on the skin is actually threatening and the body goes into a state of “red alert”, according to the Dyspraxia Foundation.


As a mom, I can attest to Laundry day posing all sorts of problems in our home.   The clothing has been washed in especially fragranced soap, spun and wrung dry, and finally lost its “fresh-off-the-rack” look.  As Mom’s, we expect to lose an inch off our favorite pair of jeans, but to a sensory kiddo, this can simply be too much to deal with.

I’ve learned over the years to hang-dry all of Missy’s clothing.  Don’t forget the socks too!  It only takes overnight to be completely dry and ready for the next day.  Most of the time, air drying will help clothing to retain it’s original shape.  Of course, in our home too, we also buy all natural, non-fragrance laundry soap too, which is easily found at all major grocery stores now also.

My absolute favorite item in my laundry space is the Arrow Clothes Hanging System.  It’s a permanent wall-mounted, collapsible laundry hanger.  Absolutely ideal for small spaces and it can really hold a ton.  It’s a life-saver in our home!



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