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Why Blog about SPD?

This morning I’m sipping coffee at my fav java spot.  It’s snowing outside and the world appears covered in a soft blanket of white.  It’s really quite beautiful despite the road havoc, it’s sure to cause later.  It occurred to me, while sipping bitter-sweet mocha happiness…that in the time that I have had the privilege to meet and befriend other SPD families, we are not all on the same page when it comes to SPD.

We are individuals and have unique opinions when it comes to the biggies such as: segregation vs. integration in the school system.  We also differ in our parenting styles, particularly in the area of discipline.  Sometimes, we think oppositely regarding how we experience the world…do we take it all in or prefer to observe cautiously from the sidelines?  We are different.  We are individual.  We add our own touch, flare and personality to all that we do and experience.  And honestly, I think it’s a beautiful thing.

People sometimes ask me, sometimes criticize me, sometimes congratulate me…but ultimately want to know: WHY do you blog about SPD?  The questions are: why make life more difficult?  Why expose?  Why make more vulnerable?  And sometimes the pendulum swings in the opposite way too:  Why not?  Why haven’t I ever heard about SPD before?

I’d like to put my own touch on this sometimes, “touchy” subject.  Why blog about SPD?

Very simply, I blog because I want my daughters to have more opportunities to live a normal life one day.  I want to see SPD as commonplace in its recognition as Down’s Syndrome is now.  I want to see heads bobbing up and down, acknowledging “yes, I’ve heard of this, I know about this, we have people and services already in place to aid you and families like you.”  I want to hear that they “get” this.  I want to see a world where differences are miraculous and special and understood.  I want to see my daughters unique qualities and gifts shared with the world.  I want them to have great, successful careers where they are praised and commended and rewarded valiantly for the attributes that they bring to that place of work.

…why blog about SPD?…

I blog to share our life with others who feel alone in the pursuit.  For those who don’t yet understand or accept what’s happening with their child.  I blog so other parents don’t feel scared.  I blog for families who are grieving, who are struggling, who are not getting the help that they really, really need.

…why blog about SPD?…

I blog for me.  I’m an introvert by nature.  I love to write and to share our life with other people.  I love to journal so I remember.  I love to see progress in my children, written and recorded.  This is my cornerstone of hope on the bad days.

I look outside.  it’s still snowing.  it’s going to be a beautiful, slippery crazy mess.  An adventure to get home.  I can relate in my life…

How about you?  Why blog about SPD?  What’s your reason?  Leave me your thoughts in the comments.


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